Beagle on Sentimental Novels

"The big-bucks, big-screen success of sentimental novels--fantasy-romances like those of Nicholas Sparks, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Robert James Waller, Belva Plain Danielle Steele--indicate to me a certain hunger for reassurance, in a world lately more than usually insane, that sanity is possible, that gentleness is not always brutally punished, nor kindness destroyed, and that love returns." … Continue reading Beagle on Sentimental Novels


Reading Notes: Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Introduction: "Story is about an internal struggle, not an external one.  It's about what the protagonist has to learn, to overcome, to deal with internally in order to solve the problem that the external plot poses.  That means the internal problem predates the events in the plot, often by decades. So if you don't know, specifically, what your … Continue reading Reading Notes: Story Genius by Lisa Cron

Is this thing on?

Buying an ansible is prohibitive for reasons. Building one from spare parts?  Glitches are possible.  Likely even. Actually using said cobbled together ansible?  ANYTHING could happen. Like sheep eating pie. Stick around if that sounds like fun.